Standardisation Meetings

Standardisation meetings are regular meetings organised for current Active Assessors. These meetings are designed for assessors to discuss current standards and procedures and share any other issues that may be arising with their candidate. Assessors are requested to attend at least 2 of these meetings per year.

Forthcoming Standardisation Meetings 2021

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Portfolio Briefings

Portfolio briefings are offered as a support for assessors in preparation for assessing specific evidence sheets within the PDAPL portfolio (and distinct from existing standardisation meetings). Each briefing precedes learner submission dates and offers assessors the opportunity further familiarise themselves with specific evidence requirements, to review examples and as peer support to meet and share learning. Dates for portfolio briefings are detailed below to coincide with the start of Cohort 13, these and future dates will be advertised on the Learning Network West’s website. Primarily offered as a support for new/ returning assessors these portfolio briefings are available to all registered/ appointed assessors and made available free of charge. All briefings will be hosted at the Learning Network West offices at 117 Brook Street, Glasgow, G40 3AP. If you would like to attend a briefing please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reserve a space.

To be confirmed

All briefings are from 2pm – 4pm noon.