ScOPTbox Practice Learning LibraryWhat is ScOPTbox?

Practice Learning Library

What is ScOPTbox?

ScOPTbox Practice Learning Library is an online resource for practice teaching in Scotland and beyond. It is web-based and will soon be populated with resources to support social work practice learning. ScOPTbox is hosted by ScOPT: The Scottish Organisation for Practice Teaching, and Learning Network West is funding its development.

You can find out more about ScOPTbox on the ScOPT website:

What will I find in ScOPTbox?

The Practice Learning Library will, once it is up and running, contain a wide range of learning materials to support the delivery and development of social work practice learning in Scotland and elsewhere. These will include tools, activities and useful readings. Over time, ScOPTbox will be further developed to provide online spaces that can be used by anyone working in social work education and practice learning in Scotland to set up sites to support learning, communication and collaboration. Where will the resources come from?

In a word, you! These resources will be contributed by practice educators, drawing on the experience and skill of the social work practice learning community in Scotland. ScOPTbox will also provide a gateway to practice learning materials which are already in the public domain, in Scotland, across the UK, and internationally.

Who will own the resources in ScOPTbox?

Resources will normally be published under a Creative Commons Licence and will include clear information about ownership and copyright permissions. Intellectual Property rights will remain with the creator of the resource.

How can I contribute to ScOPTbox?

You can send resources by e mail to Jean Gordon, who is helping to set up ScOPTbox, at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please also email Jean if you have any questions, would like to discuss your ideas about useful resources on the phone or wish to send any resources to Jean in hard copy.